Pumpkin Rider

What better way to celebrate my first Hallow’s End than riding around on my new Horde chopper?  Eat your heart out Ghost Rider.  This is how you do it in style.  At least as much style as an Orc can have i suppose. Good thing i can cover up all that ugly with a giant pumpkin.  Yes it’s loud and quite obnoxious when everyone around you has one as well, but still worth the oncoming headache.

Hallow's End

I had planned on rounding up as many treats as i could for the Lich King outfit but I’ve been slacking on completing all the achievements.  I may still finish it in the next week or so but i have a lot of continents left to go and no motivation to do so.  The outfit itself should be plenty motivation, and it would be if it lasted an hour while in combat, but i believe the duration is pretty short.  Still, i’ll get back to it soon.  For now it’s time to roll.

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