Darkmoon Faire Newbie

It’s amazing all the stuff one can learn when they’re a relative newbie to WoW.  Just as the Halloween event ended, and it ended with me coming up 10 candies short of the Lich King outfit, a new one began that i had never heard of before.  A freaking carnival event with rides and games?  Sign me up.

Darkmoon Faire

While carnivals/fairs sort of freak me out now at my age,  when i was a kid i absolutely loved them.  They had a creepy Halloween vibe to them which i loved since it’s always been my favorite time of year. Darkmoon Faire is no different.  Time to buy a pocket full of tickets and see what kind of trouble i can get into.

Darkmoon Faire
Only one thing a super badass, evil, hardcore Death Knight can do in a situation like this.  Avert your eyes because it’s not pretty.

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