Blazing Wings

Blazing Wings

Pretty fun little achievement at the Darkmoon Faire for a toy box item that gives you fiery wings that lasts an hour with an hour cooldown.  It involved flying through 50 rings laid out all over and above the camp grounds, much like the Alysrazor fight in Firelands. The trick was to make it to the next ring before the flight buff you get for flying through them runs out. Sounded simple enough.

Well there was a bug earlier in the week that made the rings shared by every player attempting to get the achievement.  I of course had no idea this was going on and was pulling my hair out in frustration over failing at what seemed like a simple and fun event.  Once the servers restarted and fixed the problem i managed to get a pretty good number of attempts in before finally getting it done.  A few runs that had me sitting at 49 with no rings in sight drove me bonkers though.  Now i can say i’m on fire.

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