Glory of the Firelands Raider

Glory of the Firelands Raider

For the past few months, I’ve been farming Firelands in hopes that Rangaros drops his amazing mount. It’s by far my favorite flying mount and it’s not even close. Well i suppose i shouldn’t say that since the 250 mount achievement drops a green fire version of the same mount and i love me some green fire. Regardless, it’s an amazing looking mount and I’ve been after if for a short bit.

I wasn’t really contemplating doing the achievements in Firelands until i realized the reward was a purple version of basically the same mount. I’m a dummy for not realizing sooner i suppose but whatever. I saw it and i had to have it. The only achievement holding me back was the one i couldn’t solo. Only the Penitent… required six players and since i’m in a guild of one basically, it proved to be tougher than imagined.

Well good thing the new group finder is absolutely amazing. Finding five other players needing the same achievement was easy peasy and we were on our way. The only semi annoying aspect was finding players on the same boss so there was no instance/phasing issue but that went pretty quickly as well. After a few trial runs to get our timing down, we all had a fancy new mount. Rangaros, you’re next.

Corrupted Fire Hawk
Corrupted Fire Hawk

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