Ding 100!

Level 100 Draenor

I finally won the battle of the queue boss and managed to ding my DK. After consistent 6k queues all week, it finally returned to normal today. It’s amazing how quickly the final levels went by when i’m actually able to log on. Boy did they go by quickly. Before i realized it, i was a few bars from 100 and wondering where the time went.

Warlords of Draenor

The questing in Draenor was infinitely more interesting and fun than it ever was in Pandaria. I’m not sure if the flow was better or if getting ten levels felt more rewarding than five, but it just seemed to surpass MoP in every way imaginable. I’m sure the garrisons had a lot to do with it. I’m quite enjoying that as well despite their lack of customization. The resource hunt continues as i push on to level three.

The Battle for Shattrath was amazing and that’s all i’m going to say.

Battle for Shattrath

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