Molten Core 40

My first Molten Core experience comes as part of the 10-year anniversary event. I’d heard all the horror stories from friends that played back then but i wasn’t prepared for what was to come.  Not even two steps into the zone and a pile of corpses already building up. I knew i was in for a long afternoon. I could also see why 40-man content went the way of the dodo. It’s a huge pain in the butt.

Molten Core 40

My group spent the first hour of the raid just getting through the first trash pack. Apparently i wasn’t the only one that had never done the raid or knew the mechanics. It was hilarious watching everyone screaming at everyone else and not really knowing why. We had a few “leaders” telling everyone that AoE was bad on the trash because it would just spawn more adds. No one seemed to know they were time based and so more and more adds spawned. Eventually we just became overrun. This continued for a while.

Molten Core 40

Thus the never ending zone in and die cycle began. Trying to get 40 people in a random group to all pay attention is virtually impossible. The words “don’t zone in until they reset” reminded me of old school FFXI trains to zone lines that could take upwards of an hour or more. Of course along with this came the random jackass that’s only there to ruin everyone else’s day by prolonging the mess. It brought back so many memories of nonsense i don’t miss.

Molten Core 40

Eventually we overcame the initial terrible start once more experienced players took the spots of rage quitters and complainers. The trash pulls seemed far worse than any of the bosses except one or two. I believe we wiped on only two bosses total compared to numerous wipes on trash. The entire run took about 3 hours if i remember correctly but i may be blocking some of it from memory. We did get a new mount for our troubles which always seems to make everything alright. I’m not too sure this event works or can be considered fun by the majority of players but i certainly enjoyed some of it.

Core Hound Mount

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