Epic Redux

Ah, it’s nice having a redo and learning some lessons from previous experiences. In this particular case i’m referring to making it easier on myself as far as my garrison goes. Combined with a little, or a lot in this case, luck as well. Had i planned ahead, i could have saved myself some headaches and avoided growing pains. That’s never been my style of course as i much rather wing it and see what happens.

The first order of business, once i began leveling my Shaman, was to remove the initial Barracks everyone got first. Placing a War Mill in that plot assured me of some pretty nice blue and epic quest reward upgrades at a relatively decent proc rate. In turn, it got me to the required heroic dungeon ilvl much quicker than my DK.

The second decision i made was to go with a Lumber Mill for my medium plot instead of the Trading Post. Oh if i only knew how annoying and expensive it was going to be to gather all the necessary pieces for my Trading Post on my DK, i would have never put one up first. I’m going to be working on that bugger for a long damn time with no completion date in sight.

Chances are the Trading Post is going to be the long term solution anyway, but the resource gathering that a Lumber Mill provided was too good to pass up. Nothing like dinging 100 and immediately being able to upgrade my garrison to level 3. My DK dinged 100 with less than a dozen resources saved and gathering the required 2000 took me an extra week.

I feel like i got hosed, as far as followers goes, my first time around. Out of the 20 i managed to gather through my normal questing, only one decided to proc epic quality. The abilities it also acquired were pretty lackluster as well and not what i was hoping for. Certainly nothing compared to what my Shaman would get lucky with.

Once again the RNG gods were much nicer to my followers my second time through. Out of the 16 i gathered this time, three decided to proc epic. Not only that but the the traits they came with were phenomenal. I managed to hit pay dirt with Shadow Hunter Rala acquiring both the Scavenger trait as well as an epic mount. Not a single follower for my DK had either and boy do both of those make a huge difference in resource acquisition. My DK is sulking in the corner as i type this.

All in all, there were some pretty good lessons learned. I went with a long term mindset my first time around, which there’s nothing wrong with of course. Moving forward however, i think i’ll make War Mill and Lumber Mill my go to plots right off the start every time. They’re just too damn good to pass up initially. Eventually i’m sure all my garrisons will look very similar with only professions being the difference.

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