The Force Awakens

Today was the day i waited for the entire week. Ever since it was revealed that the new Star Wars trailer would be released today, i’d been as giddy as a ten year old on Christmas Eve. Any other kid that grew up in the late 70’s and early 80’s probably feels the same way. It was the defining movie going experience for a lot of us and for our generation. It carried on into adulthood. Then the prequels happened.

I wish i could just forget they ever existed. That wouldn’t be fair though. Sometimes we need tragic mistakes and miscalculations to veer us back on course and recapture the magic and excitement we once felt. To go back to great story telling with characters we actually care about. This time around hopefully with a decent script and non terrible casting decisions. One can only hope anyway. With Lucas removed, i do have that hope.

I’m extremely happy we’re going back to the era i love. The Old Republic timeline was just too sterile for me and way too organized. Give me broken down ships, freighter pirates, rebel alliances, and lots of scum and villainy any day over that mess. In all fairness, perhaps if Lucas had less yes men on the prequels, we’d have had a more interesting outcome. Anyhow, the trailer got me super excited for a franchise i’d pretty much given up on.
My only concern, and it’s either minor or huge depending on who you ask, is the one shot of the Sith light saber. It’s something Lucas would have come up with to impress his kids. It screams of “oh come on, that’s just dumb”. I wouldn’t quite put it on par with Yoda back flipping around with his light saber out, which basically destroyed his entire mystique though. It did disappoint me and it’s the thing that stuck out to me the most out of the entire trailer. Kids are going to think it’s cool. Original fans will hate it. Either way, we’re talking about it.

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