For the Alliance

I finally went and did it. I faction changed my main DK to Alliance. After a year of nothing but Horde, i thought it was time to switch back to my original faction. My original character was an Alliance Hunter that i played for about a week before i rerolled to my main DK on the Horde side. It was time to make the change back. It was time to go home.

Horde Garrison
Goodbye Horde Garrison

My reasons for doing so had absolutely nothing to do with the factions themselves. I’ve never been one to really care about faction pride and since the Warcraft universe is fairly new to me, i didn’t really gravitate to one side or the other. No, my reason for switching is my love for anything Human in all MMO’s and my dislike for anything Orc and Troll related. It’s kind of difficult to avoid Orcs in this game but, at least now, i can see them a bit less.

I’m going to miss Blood Elves. They’re by far the best looking race in all of Azeroth in my opinion. Night Elves don’t even compare and shouldn’t be in the same sentence as the beautiful and majestic Blood Elves. They do a wonderful job of balancing out the ugly on the Horde and will be missed. They were not enough to keep me though.

Alliance Garrison
Hello Alliance Garrison

One aspect i won’t miss is the Horde Garrison. I suppose it fits their theme rather well, but what a depressing and cold place to call home. On the flip side is the beautiful and cozy Alliance counterpart. Everything about it is better in my eyes, from the aesthetics to the layout and placement in the world. I actually like spending my time in this one as apposed to getting the hell out of dodge as quickly as possible in the other.

My other characters will have to remain Horde for the time being but i don’t play them as much anyway. My Shaman will definitely be the next one up on the transfer block sometime soon. Transitioning from Orc to Dwarf is going to be amazing to say the least. That beard alone is just too strong to ignore. Alliance, here i come.

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