Image of Archmage Pleasure-Bot Leorajh 8000

I finally decided to stop slacking on my follower collection for my DK. Once i hit the 25 follower cap, i sort of just stopped collecting them for absolutely no apparent reason. I think i was just so preoccupied with leveling and resource gathering that i never stopped to do any bonus quests for extra followers. Once i finished all the chapters in each zone, i moved on to the next and never looked back.

My goal for the day was to acquire a few i missed along the way as well as the two epic followers rewarded for a few dungeon achievements. I started with Croman in Bloodmaul Slag Mines and moved on to Leeroy Jenkins in Upper Blackrock Spire. Both went pretty smoothly despite it being a pick up group, but i had a pocket tank with me which made it much easier. Two epic followers down.

Next came Image of Archmage Vargoth which required lots of running around but didn’t take too long. I actually like these kind of quests that have you all over the place searching for stuff. Apparently time travel makes you lose your clothing. Much to my amazement, he proc’d epic quality once i completed it.  Three epic followers down.

Image of Archmage Vargoth
Pleasure-Bot 8000 was next in line after Archemage. Another quick and simple quest killing some eels and he was mine. Again the dice roll went in my favor and he proc’d epic quality off the bat. I was on a roll, which annoyed my friend i was questing with. He was having the exact opposite luck and getting green and blue versions. Four epic followers down!
Pleasure-Bot 8000
Finally, i turned to Leorajh in Spires of Arak. Finding the damn path up the mountain where he’s hidden was a bit of a pain without looking it up but i managed. How easily i do get lost in the most trivial situations. Once again, and for the final time unfortunately, he also proc’d epic quality. My friend was fuming and i couldn’t stop laughing. Five epic followers in one afternoon. Not too shabby.

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