Fear the Beard

Goodbye Orc and hello Dwarf. My transition from Horde to Alliance continued next with my Shaman. I’m not normally one for small races but, out of all the options that could play Shaman, this was by far my favorite. I’d be lying if i said it didn’t have a little to do with the recent Hobbit films, but Dwarves have certainly grown on me. No pun intended there. Maybe. I may be small but i pack a wallop.

Dwarf Enhancement Shaman
Shortly after making the switch, i managed to also finish off my transmog set. I swear i’m not intentionally making size jokes. I’ve been after this damn helm from Ulduar for five and a half months now. That coupled with the axes that dropped off of Twins from Highmaul completed my set. I may mess around and swap some illusions in and out on my weapons but i’m currently loving the two i’m using. Here’s the breakdown.
Dwarf Enhancement Shaman

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