The Thunder and the Fury

My warrior now joins my death knight, shaman, and hunter on the level 100 list. I took a bit of a detour and started fresh this time instead of finishing off my mage or warlock which are still stuck at 90. They’ll probably stay there a while since i’m finding it difficult to get any enjoyment out of them right now. This of course skews my class balance heavily in favor of melee three to one. With Blackrock Foundry and especially Blackhand being so melee unfriendly, perhaps this wasn’t wise. I’ll make it work though.
World of Warcraft Fury Warrior

I’m currently playing Fury and loving it. Sure it has some horrible RNG when nothing procs thanks to the low crit level currently available, but it’s still much smoother play wise than my DK. Only having to worry about one resource instead of two is another aspect i’m quite enjoying. I seriously despise the rune system and all of its clunkiness. Of course the best part of Fury is being able to dual wield 2-handers like a boss. I mean, how awesome is that? In the immortal words of Nigel Tufnel – “how much more black could this be? and the answer is none, none more black”. A new gearing up journey begins.

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