Spaceballs the Mushroom

Oh man oh man. I’ve been so busy with the current raid tier that I’ve been slacking tremendously on my posting and on the blog overall. I’m not sure what kind of nut jobs keep up with my adventures but there seems to be a decent amount judging by my statistics. Time to get back to it.
This time we’re off to visit Brackenspore. The boss that all Hunters love and hate in equal parts. I’m indifferent towards the mushroom king but that’s mostly because i don’t have to deal with flame throwers or any other mechanic other than stand there and pew pew. I will say that this encounter was a royal pain in the butt in pick up groups though. The entire raid having to rely on two people to do the main mechanic properly always tends to end poorly with random players. I’m glad we have three great Hunters in our group.
Reminder: Put your talents on your action bar before the pull.

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