Fashion Week: Warrior

World of Warcraft Tier 10 Warrior
The moment i decided to level a warrior was the moment i knew exactly which set i wanted for my transmog. It was tier 10 all the way and there really was no alternative. Everything about this tier screams Warrior to me, from the horned helmet to the boar head shoulders. It has rage emanating from every nook and cranny. The set just looks damn good. I actually managed to get the full set before i even dinged 100, which actually happened rather recently. The tabard, on the other hand, took some reputation grinding to complete. 
Fury set:

World of Warcraft Tier 10 Warrior

Now, i told myself i would never be like every other Warrior and go with the all too cliche choice for my shield transmog. I constantly shake my head at every damn Warrior for using the Bulwark because every one of them do in fact use it. They all look look like clones of one another! So what did i decide to use to buck the trend? Don’t judge me.

Bulwark of Azzinoth

Protection set:

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