Gear for Gold

I’m a huge fan of the selling of current level armor or weapons for in game gold. The only stipulation i put on it is that the gear must come from the players themselves. Whether crafted or from in game drops, a player has put in the time to acquire said gear and can reap the rewards of selling it to another players. What absolutely cannot happen is what Blizzard is deciding to do in patch 6.2. They’re essentially decided to sell gear directly to players for gold.

I’m not sure if this is a clever way of admitting the Apexis currency is a failure without actually doing so, or if this was planned all along. I’m not ready to go full conspiracy theory yet, but this can’t possibly be a coincidence. When Blizzard eliminated secondary currencies in favor of everything revolving around gold, we saw how this transitioned into the WoW Token. I’m fine with that system as it’s basically player supplied. This, on the other hand, is not.
Now i don’t want to play the slippery slope card but it is what it is. The players defending this decision are using the ever so lovely “catch-up mechanic” or better yet “sub-par gear” excuses trying to rationalize why this is ok. Well it’s not ok and i’m not buying it. Pun intended i suppose. A game studio should never sell gear directly to the players. That’s what crafters are for. That’s what the content is for.


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