Number Five

My horde Warlock was sitting in limbo for about six months. He was stuck at level 90 and i had zero desire to level him as a horde. Something about having to see Orgrimmar again just made me cringe, so i left him there to wallow in his shame. Well i decided to give Blizzard more money than i should and did a faction/server change. This will be the last one of those i do but now all my characters are Alliance and on Stormrage together. Say hello to my fifth level 100.
The leveling went so ridiculously quick with all the heirloom gear we now have up to level 100. I think i only hit up two of the five zones before i dinged. I completely skipped Gorgrond, Spires of Arak, and Nagrand. It’s a bit of a shame since i have to go back and do those zones anyway for followers and story completion, but i’ll do that another time. For now it’s all about finding a new transmog for him since he’s a bit too green for my tastes. Let the dress up commence. I’m thinking something in a purple.

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