Grand Treasure Hunter

With the news that flying is once again going to be making a comeback in a future 6.2 patch, i began working on a few achievements that will be required to unlock it. Oh the irony is not lost on me while completing the Grand Treasure Hunter achievement. I’m doing content to unlock something that would have made the content i’m doing completely trivial. In a way, i’m glad players get to experience this without the ease of flight. I somehow doubt many even realize this aspect, which saddens me.

Gliding in Gorgrond

A lot of these treasures were in really out of the way obscure locations that required a lot of trial and error with the help of a glider and sometimes some luck. Some of these treasures were downright frustrating but in a good way. I think i either overshot or came up way short on a lot of them but that may be because i slept through glider training class. This attempt at implementing jumping puzzles is another reason i think Blizzard was so adamant about not returning flight. They needed to expand on this by implementing more of them in the open world and encourage more exploration.

Grand Treasure Hunter

I know some people may get frustrated doing these but i feel puzzle solving used to be a staple of this genre that has been completely forgotten. That’s not to say this is anywhere close to old school puzzle solving, but it is nice to have something that requires the use of that big thing above ones shoulders. Convenience has made us dumber and less willing to take the time to figure stuff out. For now, i’m glad that players will have to go through the content before they can just completely bypass it. I know i enjoyed it.

Gliding in Gorgrond

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