Cloaken Dagger

My goal for the last week and a half was to finish leveling my Rogue before 6.2. I’ve officially completed that task in rather quick fashion taking my grand total to six level 100’s. I took advantage of the 20% experience buff from the outpost in Spires of Arak as well as the 20% boost provided by my garrison npc to make quick work of the final three levels. Couple that with all my heirloom gear and i dinged 100 before i knew it.

I normally completely skip Spires since i really dislike that zone and quests but i figured i may as well use the free buff for once. I also think this is the second straight character that dinged 100 on the final boss of Skyreach, which is weird in a way. I’m about as tired of that dungeon as any from Pandaria at this point. Thankfully my alts are getting put on the back burner for a bit with the new raid releasing this week. It’s back to my DK for some Frost action for a while.


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