You Sunk My Garrison

What’s worse than having to deal with one garrison mission table? Having to manage two of them of course! I’ve gone through lengthy posts on what i think of garrisons, so i won’t get too in depth here, but lets just say this is not what i was hoping for when i heard shipyards were going to be implemented. I immediately thought of ArcheAge and their naval battle system. As clunky as that was, at least that had some vision and actual playability to it. This has neither for not and it’s a real shame.

Story wise, shipyards serve their purpose well. They’re a way to get the ball rolling into invading Tanaan Jungle. That unfortunately is the extent of their use. What we have is just another passive facebook game with a control panel for sending ships we build on missions we have no control over. They look great and have huge potential but that’s simply not enough for me to care about them. Within minutes of completing my build i lost all interest in them altogether. 
I built a few ships which took no time at all and i sent them on naval missions. That was it. Nothing more. No interaction with my ships or my crew other than the send button. I didn’t get to board my ships and join in on the naval missions. I didn’t get to sail my ships and explore. All i got to do was send them out on rather lengthy missions and completely forget about them. If not for the requirements needed to complete the legendary ring quest, i’d probably not bother with them at all. That’s really a shame. Blizzard deserves a “c’mon son.”

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