Release the Kraken

That’s what i want to say when i think of the shipyards. To say i despise the damn thing would be putting it mildly. Every time i wander down the path around the corner towards the shore, in the back of my mind i hope to see this in the distance. This is my best care scenario for what i’d like to see happen to my shipyard. A kraken with frickin laser beams.

Accurate artistic rendition of what i think of shipyards
That’s not to say shipyards are all bad. The way the missions work is probably the way the normal garrison missions should have worked all along. By that i mean really long missions where i don’t have to babysit the damn thing and check in every hour just to manage them. Mission length is probably the only bright spot in what is turning out to be a complete disaster of a once interesting selling point of this expansion to me.
Garrisons stink. Shipyards stink. Give me customizable personal housing or i sick Dr. Evil on you Blizz. I mean, an evil volcano lair would be better than what we have now, would it not?! I think so.

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