Great Scott! – #Blaugust Day 1


One of my favorite bloggers has been running a pretty entertaining challenge every August for the last few years dubbed Blaugust, for obvious reasons. It’s essentially a community building exercise to get fellow bloggers posting every day for the entire month. I’ve personally not contributed to these events as a participant but more as a lurker and reader. Overall, I’ve enjoyed keeping up with all the crazy posting on a daily basis so much, that i decided to try and join the fun this year.

My posting schedule, or lack there of, has revolved around in game achievements and reached goals for basically the entire existence of this blog. I like to share my adventures more so than my opinions. A consequence of this style has been of course that exciting news doesn’t happen every single day and therefor posting varies from days to sometimes weeks in between. I’m hoping to change that by participating in this crazy ordeal for as long as i can. The goal is 31 days and “i think i can i think i can!”

I’m not just going to post of course for the sake of posting. My idea is to tie a theme to every post or at least the title if anything. Seeing as this year marks the 30th anniversary of my favorite year in cinema, i figured what perfect way to remember some of my favorite 80’s classics. For anyone that wasn’t aware, i’m not only an MMO’er but an 80’s junkie of epic proportions. 1985 just happens to be my favorite year for all those cheesy movies everyone loves but often times refuses to admit they love.

What better way to start the month than with Back to the Future? Doc Brown’s favorite saying was my exact response when i thought about what it would take to post every single day for an entire month. Here’s hoping i don’t let him or anyone else down. If i don’t make it, i always have the DeLorean for a take 2!

Dr. Emmett Brown: Great Scott! – Back to the Future (1985)

Back to the Future
My reaction to posting every day for a month

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