I’ll Let You Crash It – #Blaugust Day 8 & MountQuest #128

I had one of those Allan Quatermain moments. One of those right place at the right time sort of things. Come to think of it, Allan would be at the wrong place at the wrong time but i’m going with it regardless. It was more of a not paying attention and just lucking into a advantageous situation through no effort on my part. I wish this sort of occurrence was more frequent.
It was a typical day heading out to do my dailies. I pop my wings so i can glide over all the nasties and get to the spot i want to go to without actually having to pay attention. As with every single other time i pop my wings, i ended up going the wrong direction as i was reading forums instead of steering the ship. Before i knew it i was landing in front of Hellfire Citadel and directly on top of Doomroller. It was as if Quatermain was steering this plane.
Tundra Icehoof
Since i’d never seen this rare before, i gave it a whack just once and it fell over from the gang of other players already there. I laughed and headed on my way to where i was going not paying any mind to the loot that dropped. Much to my surprise as i was filtering and organizing my bag, i noticed a Rattling Iron Cage. I clicked on it and boom – a Tundra Icehoof magically appears. Another mount to add the my slowly growing collection. This now brings me up to number 128! Getting there at my slow ass pace.
Tundra Icehoof
Jesse Huston: [Indicating the twin mountain peaks] if we’d crashed between them, we’d be at the mine!
Allan Quatermain: Fine! Next time we steal a plane, i’ll let you crash it! – King Solomon’s Mines (1985)

King Solomon's Mines

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