There Will Be No World – #Blaugust Day 13 & MountQuest #129


Reputations and daily quests are the foundation upon which great MMO’s are built. Without them players would be unable to function properly. What would one do after logging in if there was no marker telling them to go hear and do this in order to become exalted with some form of faction or order? They’d be bored out of their minds, complain on the forums, and get more reputations and dailies implemented. Well thanks a lot you whackos. You’ve finally lost it.
Of course i’m not being serious. I mean what kind of nutjobs actually want more reps and dailies? To say i dislike them would be an understatement. I’m all for more open world content, hell i’m a huge proponent of it, but dailies are not the way to go about it. I force myself to do them because of the carrot at the end of the stick, but there’s nothing i enjoy less in my MMO’s. I’d love for there to be more group based open world content but that seems like such a foreign concept these days. Instead we get more throw away solo content i seriously don’t enjoy. Back to the exclamation points i go with red and our gang of misfits.
I’ve been slacking my butt off to complete Hand of the Prophet reputation. Some days i don’t even bother with the Tanaan dailies and some days i talk myself into getting out there. Today was one of those self motivating days. I was close to the finish line to begin with and by the end i finally completed the chore. I mostly did it for the free never-ending rune but another benefit of completion was acquiring another mount. With the Deathtusk Felboar, i’m inching closer and closer to my mount goal. I guess dailies are worth putting up with in this case, but only barely.
Deathtusk Felboar
Ikol: [Gedren’s fortress continues to shunt aside the Talisman’s earthquakes and storms. In her throne room… ] Majesty, the Talisman is almost beyond control. We must bury it in the dark before it is too late.
Queen Gedren: It’ll be buried when I have no further use for it, and that time shall come with the end of time itself.
Ikol: *It will kill us all.* Majesty, what do you want? Our vaults are brimming with gold. Great kingdoms live in terror of us! *What more is there?*
Queen Gedren: The *world,* Ikol! Today we took the kingdom of Toktyl. But I have wider claims, and the Talisman will enforce them!
Ikol: Madness. There will be no world.
[flees the throne room]
[Gedren laughs amid the chaos] – Red Sonja (1985)

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