Watching Cartoons – #Blaugust Day 16


Today, or yesterday depending on how you look at it, marks the halfway point of the magical blogging event that is Blaugust. While i can’t believe i’ve managed to survive this long as it is, i then start looking forward and realize there’s a long way to go before the finish line. That’s not to say i look at this as some sort of race because i don’t. It’s more of a marathon and a motivational challenge. Can i keep this up for another fifteen days or do i take a break here or there? Do i have enough stuff to even post about and do i even want to for that matter?
It has never been about a lack of content for me. I could honestly bullshit about any bit of useless knowledge for pages and pages at a time. For me it’s always been about the motivation to do so and whether i have the time required to keep a consistent schedule. I mean, do i really want to post just for the sake of posting and throw all quality out the window just to hit a quota? Hell no. That’s never been how i roll and will never be for that matter. If i lose the desire at any point, even if it’s the final day, then i’ll just stop. No regrets whatsoever. I could go back to watching cartoons with Vince and not lose a step!
So far i have to say i’ve rather enjoyed the challenge. Maybe that’s because it’s only the halfway point or maybe i’m enjoying the nostalgia trip associated with trying to tie every post in some way to the 30th anniversary of an 80’s movie. Either way, it’s going alright so far i think. For all i know, i could completely suck at this, which is a strong possibility, but i really don’t care. I’m keeping myself entertained and if i happen to do the same to only one other reader, then it’s a job well done. Hopefully i last just a little longer. (insert Michael Scott tagline here).

Vince Latello: I just want to be home watching cartoons! – My Science Project (1985)

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