Moves Like a Baboon – #Blaugust Day 18


One of the best aspects of keeping up with my blogroll is getting a taste for games i’d have otherwise missed out on. One of those games happens to be Skyforge. I’ve been hesitant to try it simply because of the developer and their history with Allods Online, which i briefly played around five years ago. Their cash shop shenanigans turned me off to that game and to this one as well. In the end i figured i’d just give it a whirl with no ties whatsoever.
Now keep in mind that this is only my initial impression of the game as i’ve only sunk about three hours into it. As we all know, that little time dedicated to any MMORPG is not enough to form any sort of long lasting opinion. I’ve basically only seen the introduction to combat and done a few quests here and there. Definitely not enough to form any sort of long term opinion yet.
Let me just say that Skyforge passes the eye test. The game is gorgeous both graphically and aesthetically. I’m a sucker for any sort of outfit or armor wardrobe feature and so far this game exceeds my expectations in that regard. There’s a nice mix of fantasy and sci-fi as well as some modern touches which i can appreciate. I know some will be turned off by this, which is perfectly fine, but i really like it so far. Hopefully it doesn’t get out of hand down the line.
The combat, on the other hand, i’m not much of a fan of. Don’t get me wrong, the animations look phenomenal and the combat is rather smooth. I’m just not a fan of reticle action combat in my MMO’s. I knew what it was going in so i can’t really take points off for a main feature that is probably a selling point for many players. I’m just not a fan and i’ll leave it at that. Had this been the normal tab target combat, i’d have enjoyed it a lot more.
I’m definitely going to delve into this a lot more down the line. That in and of itself is something i suppose. Normally i tend to last a few hours in any new MMO i try before the uninstall button becomes my best friend. If i can get over my distaste for the combat mechanics, perhaps i can keep going and see if this game has any lasting potential as far as PVE goes. Or perhaps Chiun was right and the combat will get the better of me.
Conn MacCleary: [referring to Remo] Well, Chiun? What do you think?
Chiun: He’s very slow. His reflexes are pitiful; poorly coordinated. He’s in wretched physical condition, impetuous, and clumsy. He moves like a baboon with two club feet! However, there is a feeble glint of promise in his eyes. I think I can do something with him.
Conn MacCleary: Good. – Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins (1985)


Remo Williams: The Adventure Begins

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