Light Without Dark – #Blaugust Day 24




Some things can simply not be unseen. That’s quite alright though. I’d rather have the option and the freedom to create something as a player, regardless if that creation may possibly go overboard, than not have the option. One of those player created scenarios was on full display in what i believe is a tavern of some sorts in Project Gorgon. Players got together and put on a music and dance show. The game allows it and players went with it. I personally love that freedom and want that freedom regardless if that freedom goes too far.
Project Gorgon
I’ve never been one to look down on a positive simply because it may have the potential to be a negative. Stuff like that can and will happen with every aspect of a game or life for that matter. I think devs are way too scared to give players the freedom to create and it’s holding back progress. Games like LOTRO allow players to create their own music and form bands in game and it’s become a very popular aspect of the game. It’s another community building tool that often gets overlooked in today’s MMO’s, which is a shame.
I’d like to see content like this expanded upon instead of being ignored. Why doesn’t every MMO have a music system? Why isn’t personal housing blowing players away with tools that encourage creativity and individualism? Why can’t i be an artist and create paintings that players can buy and decorate their homes with? I could come up with a ridiculous list of non combat related activities that players would enjoy and that would encourage replayability. Why are studios reluctant? Fearing creativity is why we can’t have nice things. The Lord of Darkness understood the balance!

The Lord of Darkness: You think you have won! What is light without dark? What are you without me? I am a part of you all. You can never defeat me. We are brothers eternal! – Legend (1985)




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