Game’s Over! – #Blaugust Day 25

I was in the mood for a little change of pace. My raid progression in WoW is moving a bit slowly and with garrisons all but destroying my will to level or gear up any of my alts, i decided to dust off Lotro for a bit. I’ve been playing it off and on, but mostly off, for almost five years now. Never have i leveled any higher than 33, which is where my hunter still sits with his badass hauberk and lovely hooded cloak. Lotro does have the best looking cloaks, which as an outfit fiend, i always crawl back to. I’m probably only returning for the outfits and atmosphere but that’s alright i think.
Lord of the Rings Online
Original hunter stuck at 33
My current goal is to start a new character and actually level to max with him. I really want to see the rest of the game world as i feel that’s by far the best aspect of the game. It far outweighs the terrible character models! Although, the capes and hauberks do a pretty good job of hiding that ugliness quite well. I thought about continuing with my hunter but since i’m a plate wearing melee at heart, i had to go with a champion. Thus my new journey begins and hopefully this time actually concludes with me completing said journey. Five years is a long time to level! I almost needed Braddock to come save me.
Lord of the Rings Online
New champion in hideous attire

Colonel Braddock: The game’s over! – Missing in Action 2: The Beginning (1985)

Missing in Action 2: The Beginning

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