Who’s Da Mastah? – #Blaugust Day 27


When i got home from work yesterday, i was flooded with requests to check out friends stream tests and give opinions. I thought it was a bit odd at first until i realized it was for YouTube. A few months ago i heard they were planning on getting in the streaming game with an updated layout and theme, which were desperately needed. I had completely forgotten about it though until that moment. I was excited and pleased with my initial reaction.
My Twitch page
As a relative newbie to streaming, my initial thought was that this was perfect timing. By that i mean i’m fully aware of every aspect of streaming despite only recently starting to do it myself. I’ve been going back and forth and weighing the positives and negatives of which service to go with. Since i have no viewership or many followers, i assumed the process of selecting a platform was going to be simple. That of course has not been the case. Now we have YouTube Gaming joining Twitch and Hitbox.
My Hitbox page
I’ll start off by saying how much i love Hitbox. It’s clearly the best option out of the three in my eyes and it’s not even close. Not only is the delay minimal, if any, but the layout and options are right where i want them. Their site is real easy on the eyes for sure. Throw in the fact that getting partnered is as simple as linking your paypal without any viewership requirements, and this should be the obvious choice. It’s never that simple though is it? It sure as hell should be!
My YouTube Gaming page
Unfortunately Hitbox suffers from not having the ridiculous viewers or accounts that Twitch has. All the top streamers remain with the juggernaut and therefore so do the viewers. I’ve had much better luck getting views on Twitch and have unfortunately switched back to it. I’d love to stick with Hitbox but one has to go where the viewers are and most of them don’t like change. It’s a real shame when a better product presents itself and everyone refuses to jump on board. Perhaps some day soon though.
Either way, competition is good. If anything, hopefully YTGaming? (needs something shorter) forces Twitch to get their act together. Both alternatives have much better layouts and look a hell of a lot better than Twitch. Though that’s probably due to YT pretty much copying Hitbox’s theme and color. Both have much shorter delays, which is important where comments are concerned. After all, it’s all about being interactive with your viewers. That’s pretty much the point of the whole shebang.

For now i’m still undecided as to which service to stick with. Having alternatives is great but only if they truly are options. Hitbox lacks viewers and YouTube likes to hand out content ID claims during streams and even terminates live streams. It’s unfortunate that it seems like it’s back to square one with only one horse in the race yet again. I’m hoping something changes, but as i said, people don’t like change. Even Sho’nuff would stay where he was. Then again, he’d consider himself an option.

Sho’nuff: Now, when I say, “Who’s da mastah?” you say, “Sho’nuff!” – The Last Dragon (1985)


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