Choo Choo

What a fantastic and relaxing month of little to no posts this was. I followed 31 posts in 31 days in August with a total of two posts all of September. I hadn’t planned on slacking this much and taking a break but it just sort of happened. I wouldn’t say i was burned out or anything after Blaugust as much as my hiatus was probably due to not playing much of anything or really following any MMO news.

That’s not to say i completely took a step away from any game as i’ve been playing a lot of GW2. I just haven’t had anything to write home about so to speak. I’m still trying to play catch-up after being away for over two years since so much has changed. One aspect that hasn’t changed is how busy and alive the game world feels. It’s amazing what happens when you take players out of instances and give them something to do out in the open. I absolutely love this stuff. Blizz take note. Seeing a sea of names constantly makes me all warm inside.

The zerg PVE train commences. All aboard the Heart of Thorns hype.

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