Ascended Prep

I’ve been a bit busy playing catchup with my gear in preparation for Heart of Thorns launch in a few days. Having zero pieces of ascended gear other than my rings, amulet, and back piece upon my return had me working overtime to try and acquire as many as i could before Friday’s launch. Thankfully, as annoying and time consuming as this has been, the gear is account bound. I’ll be able to hand it over to my Revenant once he dings 80.

Guild Wars 2

I’ve not managed to get a full set yet thanks to the horrible time gating on every piece, but i’m getting there. Silk cloth has been another road block thanks to every piece requiring at least 300 of those bastards. It could be worse and i could be making cloth armor, which requires even more, but i’m a plate wearer at heart. I’m currently only missing leg and shoulder pieces for my full armor set.

Bucking the trend even further, i decided to go with a Soldier’s set rather than Berserker for my armor. I bounced back and forth on this issue for a while, even considering Valkyrie, but i settled on the extra vitality and toughness that Soldier’s provides. Given the already high crit rate and perma fury Rev already has, i didn’t see the need for more. I’m happy with the extra survivability as well as the option to tank. All my accessories and weapons are already Berserker’s anyway.

Guild Wars 2

Current armor set looks like this:

Current weapons look like this:


I’d like to get a staff, 2-hand hammer, and an offhand axe crafted as well. Those will come once i finish my armor and will cover all the available weapons Rev has access to. Once those are completed, i’ll be ready to roll. I’m actually not that far off but there’s still a lot of materials i need and the bloody 24 hour cooldown on these components will slow me down. Regardless, i’m looking better than i was a month ago. Bring on HoT!

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