Purple People Eater

My final piece of ascended armor has at long last been crafted. I’m now officially fully ascended and relieved to be so. While most of my materials were acquired through the ever exciting farming method, many of my remaining bits and pieces came thanks to the price drop in cloth materials from the auction house. That damn silk cloth was a bummer prior to the expansion but has leveled off to an affordable price thanks to more frequent drops. I’ve sure noticed my material storage stocking up on cloth these past few weeks.

Guild Wars 2

I’m fairly happy with the soldiers stats i decided to go with. I gained around 4k health and 600 armor but lost a bit of crit damage in the process. That was a compromise i was willing to make but many others may not have been. I’m fine with that because it fits my playstyle much better. Damage for survivability helps me not only in the new zones while i explore but also fits perfectly should i choose to hop in some WvW. Not being a fan of glass cannon builds helped my decision tremendously as well.

That’s not to say i’m completely done with all of my crafting. My next goal is to make myself an offhand axe to go with my main hand sword. Following that with a staff at some point down the road as well as a mace to finish off all my out of water weapons. It’ll be a while though since i currently can’t afford the recipes for any of those yet! Those damn laurels really go fast when you don’t have a guild and discounted accessories. In due time though.

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