Betas and Trailers



I’ll never understand betas for a game i’m already playing. Now a new game that may be on the horizon as a brand new entity, i’d be all over. For something i’ve been playing for a while? Not so much. That would take the fun out of the game for me. I don’t like knowing and don’t want to know what to expect. I like to go in fresh so i can enjoy the game once it launches and not before. Granted i may know the main features, but i’m not playing them, so they’ll remain fresh.

We’re around seven to eight months out for Legion, give or take. I understand players are already bored to death of WoD and want something new. What that boredom is going to do is burn people out on the next expansion before it even launches. That’s almost a year of the damn game before it even gets here. I mean, come on! That’s nuts. Why do players do this? Am i just weird for not doing it as well? I can’t be because i know myself. I also know lots of friends that are going to bored of the expansion a month after it launches because they’ve been playing it. Yet they continue to perpetuate the problem every opportunity they get. It’s a vicious cycle.

We’re already getting youtube videos and guides for stuff still in beta. I understand content creators have to get stuff out or they risk losing viewers, but come on! It’s become oversaturated and unbelievably ridiculous. Does no one like waiting anymore? Maybe they’re taking the “better to be bored later rather than now approach? I could see that i suppose, but i still think it’s silly. How silly you may be asking?

I like to compare this to the new Batman vs. Superman trailer. It’s terrible. In every way imaginable. I’m referring to the trailer itself and not anything involving the movie of course since i obviously haven’t seen it. The blueprint of a great trailer is to tease the audience of what’s to come with as little info as possible to get them excited and anticipating. Instead we got a trailer that gave away the entire plot of the movie while taking away all the drama and conflict between the two title characters by showing more than was necessary. The entire movie was right there laid out before us. It was a facepalm moment as i watched in disbelief. The tease was gone and i love the tease. in more ways than one.

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