I Am the Champion

I’ve been in one of my moods for the past month or so. One of those bored with everything and nothing interests me kind of moods. WoW has been on the back burner for quite some time as i wait for Legion. Other than the random mount farm here and there, I’ve not logged on much. If i were still raiding then of course this would all be different, but guilds seem to come and go far too easily these days.

Thanks to the release of the new Star Wars i had to go back to The Old Republic for a fix. I’ve actually done this quite a few times this past year actually. Every time i go back, i make it less than a week before i’m done and off again. This time was no different unfortunately. I don’t know what it is but i just can’t sit through any more dialogue or cutscenes in my MMO’s. It completely ruins the flow of leveling for me and takes me right out of the game. TOR without the story isn’t worth my time in my opinion. I know it’s the major selling point but i think i’m over it for good.

This brings me to what i have been playing for the last few weeks. As has been my trend over the years, i seem to always find myself back in Lord of the Rings Online whenever i’m in a lull. Something about the atmosphere and game world always makes me miss it and eventually load it up for a few sessions here and there. Surprisingly, I’ve been sticking with it this time. I’m not sure how long this will last but it’s been a nice change of pace and one i’m enjoying. Thanks a lot Steam for your damn sale!

Lord of the Rings Online Champion

My previous highest level character was a level 33 Hunter. I’ve had this character for over five years and never really got anywhere with it. I realized it was perhaps the play style that’s kept me from continuing so i decided to make something i thought i’d enjoy more. The Champion fits my criteria for what i enjoy in a class. A melee plate wearing juggernaut with crazy AoE capabilities. Whats not to love? It certainly hasn’t disappointed so far and can only see it getting better with levels.

Lord of the Rings Online Champion
Speaking of those levels – it didn’t take me very long to hit level 30 and quickly surpass my Hunter as my highest level character in game. Man do i love the level up animations which i somehow never noticed before. They might be new but i somehow doubt it. Mr. Oblivious strikes again me thinks. So far so good on the leveling front. Now is when i get into uncharted territory which has me really excited. I’ve not gone past these few zones before and i’m curious what they have in store for me. Bring on the adventure!
Obligatory showing off of my outfit may now commence –
Lord of the Rings Online Champion
Lord of the Rings Online Champion

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