Black Desert Character Creator


In a very nice surprise, Black Desert Online released a stand alone character creator here. Not only does it appear to be free for anyone to download and try, but characters created can be saved for when the game actually launches later down the road. The tool comes in at just a bit over 6GB is size so keep that in mind. This is a feature i wish more and more studios would implement going forward. As someone that could spend hours just tweaking my character looks, this will save me so much time and allow me to get into the game so much quicker.

I do admit i tend to drive my friends crazy when a new MMO launches. Everyone is typically eager to get in game and group up for adventures and whatnot. Then there’s me still sitting on the character creator screen while everyone asks if i’m ready yet. Well, i’m never ready because i spend a lot of time, far too much time depending on who you ask, messing about with every minute detail of my character. I look at this as a long term decision on how i’ll look in game for years to come so i don’t like to rush in and half ass it. I’m hopefully not alone here!

It’s understandable why more studios don’t do this though. Most MMO’s have absolutely garbage character creation options. A half dozen or so options for hair and maybe a few sliders for height and that’s it. Nothing more than a few templates that require as little time as possible before getting into the game. Not so with many Korean MMO’s though. I tend to go back to Aion as a good starting off point for any decent creator but BDO’s version blows every other out of the water. This is the route i’d really like to see the genre move towards in the future. Go get your creator and start the madness.


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