Back to the Blogging

Well would you look at that! It’s been nearly two years since my last blog post and counting. I’ll continue to act surprised despite knowing full well i’ve been on quite a long hiatus from not only my site, but gaming in general. A lot has happened in those two years as well as not a lot to be honest.

I migrated servers a few times, which kept my site offline for some time. I also turned 40 this year, which i thought would hit me a bit harder than it did to be honest. Nevertheless, i’m an old man now but not really feeling it which is good. Oh and The Last Jedi ruined Star Wars for me and i’m still recovering. Those issues were really minor in comparison to my losing interest in the MMORPG genre as a whole these last few years.

That’s a huge problem when blogging about my in game adventures. I sort of have to have some in order to write about and share them! I relegated myself to maybe logging in once a week to do a few mount runs in WoW. That was certainly not worth sharing, despite my post history showing otherwise. Seriously, most of my posts are about mounts!

I think i got to a point where gaming was losing to my television. Did i want to log in for some online adventures or would i rather load up Netflix or Amazon and binge something? MMORPG’s lost that battle on a nightly basis for a while and as a result so did my blog. Nothing to play, nothing to share, and nothing worth posting.

I’m back now to share some more of my future adventures, should you choose to accept. I’ll try not to self destruct again! Here’s to doing my best.



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