Finally ! MountQuest #182

Many of my posts that fell victim to my lax hosting upkeep were mount drop related. Between 40 to 50 posts to be precise went poof over the course of the year. I’m actually not very concerned about trying to recover or even remake them from memory. Instead i think i’ll just jump forward and start anew! I may even make this my last mount post since the drop i’ve been looking for these long years finally decided to drop. I’m of course talking about Invincible.

I’m not sure exactly how many attempts this actually took me because i lost track after 150. The addon that i use to track my attempts somehow reset on me a while back. My attempts prior to using said addon were not tracked either so i’ll leave my final guess somewhere in the 160 area. Is that bad luck on my part or is that rather good? To me it seemed like it took forever but then i still have friends clamoring for this drop going on seven or eight years. Now that’s nuts to me.

The hilarious part of finally getting my most prised mount is that i was getting ready to set up an alt to lock myself to ICC with all but Lich King defeated. I was planning on saving time by not having to run the entire instance and instead going straight to him on as many alts as i could. Lich King foiled my grand scheme by dropping his mount on the very first clear of the night. I was prepared to run ICC all night. Of course i didn’t even notice it dropping which is pretty much how all my drops work apparently.

World Of Warcraft Invincible

The best part is, i never have to run this instance again! That’s almost as good as the mount. Almost!

World Of Warcraft Invincible

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