Legendary Backup

Over the course of the last few years i’ve come to realize i keep falling back to the same game. GW2 has become my go-to MMO when i’m either bored of my main game or if i’m just looking to do some world exploration and fumble about. To be fair, i’m not quite sure if i even have a main MMO anymore, but that’s a different story. Unfortunately i do know that GW2 will never be my main MMO simply because of the combat system and lack of solid group play (which is what i enjoy the most). Fortunately that hasn’t stopped me from hopping on and off and getting some things done when i have the opportunity.

GW2 Sunrise

Two of those things are finishing off my favorite legendary weapons in the game. I’m now a proud owner of Sunrise and Incinerator, bringing my legendary haul up to a whopping four! Yeah i know that’s not a lot after all these years but they still mean something to me only playing part time. It also makes it that much more special because i think they’re the two best looking legendaries in the game. In fact, i think Sunrise is probably my favorite looking greatsword in any game i’ve ever played. Some may argue Twilight looks better but i’ll stick to my golden beauty any day of the week.

GW2 Sunrise

The first character i tossed Sunrise on was of course my Guardian. I think it just fits the theme of the class so well. Yes i said class and not profession. Don’t get me started down that road either. Anyways, trying to get a badass outfit to match the badass greatsword was pretty easy. I’m not entirely sold on my color choice but i have plenty of dyes to test out other combos. I just thought blue went so well with everything else Guardian does so why not? Plus blue compliments the sword so well i think! Perhaps i’ll play around with purple and gold?!

GW2 Sunrise

Next up is my unstable mini flame throwers/ light sabers. In hindsight, Incinerator was the first legendary i should have gone after back in 2012. Instead i was obsessed with a certain unicorn shooting shortbow. Since Thief was my first class that i leveled, this should have been the obvious choice to any normal person. Good thing normal is boring and doesn’t have a place in my world. I have no regrets really as i’ve had so many memorable world vs. world encounters with that damn bow over the years. Nobody likes getting a unicorn to the face or in their back when they’re running away. I think this is a much better choice for my stabby stab Thief.

GW2 Incinerator

I think i’ve managed a reaper of death sort of vibe pretty well with this outfit, to go along with my daggers. It’s sort of a shame that i don’t play my Thief at all that much anymore but it was still worth it i think. It puts a huge smile on my face any time i log on him so that tells me everything i need to know. Who knows, i might bring him back out of retirement for some more adventures and rage inducing one-shots out of stealth. Time will tell.

GW2 Incinerator

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