Pre-Patch Limbo

GW2 Warrior

As i sat here the other day diddling around in GW2 waiting on the pre-patch for an expansion i’ve never been less excited about in WoW, i came to the realization that i was actually enjoying myself in Tyria. I was having fun exploring, doing hero challenges, and trying to find all the mastery points i could (i’m ridiculously behind on those). The decision to level another class was made and i finally got myself to make a Warrior. I’m so annoyed i didn’t do this years ago.

You see, i started out as a Thief despite my favorite archetype being a plate wearing dps with a big greatsword. I thought i’d change it up back in 2012, much to the detriment of my enjoyment of the game. Now there was and still isn’t anything wrong with Thief, but i found it to be a chore to play in group PVE. I enjoyed the hell out of it in WvW for sure, but i spent the majority of my time in the open world or in dungeons. I did not enjoy Thief as far as those game modes were concerned. Let me clarify by saying i had no issues destroying everything, i just didn’t have fun doing it.

GW2 Incinerator

Where can i refill my propane?

Guardian became my de facto main shortly into the games life as it fit my style so much better. Plate dps with a greatsword? Check and check! The only issue i had with it was another issue i also had with Thief – a low health pool. Now Guardian overcame that with better tools and heals, but the fact remained. I’m not a fun of classes with low health when they’re specced for pure dps. I tried to avoid this by not going full glass cannon, which i’m also not a fan of, but that made me less than desirable for certain aspects. I’m not sure how people run around with 10k or 12k health, but i hated it then and i still do now.

GW2 Sunrise

I next went with a Revenant when HoT launched. It seemed like the perfect class for me. It had plate and a decent health pool but couldn’t use greatswords. I decided to stick with it through most of my time in that expansion, which didn’t really last that long. I blame the map design and certain other aspects for my lack of interest in the game. I pretty much stopped playing for quite some time due to my inability to find a class i was in love with. Fast forward to today and i think i finally found everything i was looking for, and it was all here all along. /facepalm.

I hesitated making a Warrior despite knowing full well one can never go wrong playing one in any MMO, like ever. Seriously, they’re always good if not at least viable for everything. It has everything i look for in a class and more. Giant health pool, plate, greatswords, mobility, and nice buffs. What more could a guy ask for really?

I’m actually enjoying the game again, which i never expected to be honest. I’ve been trying to get a few masteries i never finished off in HoT while unlocking my mounts in PoF and hopefully getting my lovely beetle soon. Lots of stuff to do and a fun class to do it on. Hey, not bad i suppose.

GW2 Warrior

Fear the beard!

Unfortunately it comes at a time when i’ll probably commit less time to the game with the WoW expansion a month away. Perhaps my new found excitement will get my ass back in the game much sooner this time. In fact, i know it will.

GW2 Warrior

Spin to win?

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