Goodbye Legion, Hello BFA

The pre-patch is finally here so it’s time to decide what i want to focus on this expansion. More to the point, it’s time to get back into the game and participate in more content than i did in Legion. Despite the overall praise the last expansion seemed to garner, i found myself not playing very much of it. Call it Artifact or Legendary fatigue if you will, but i played very casually and often took months off before returning. This is something i’d never done before in the past. While this may be normal for a lot of WoW players, it’s certainly not for me.

Legion Raid Progression

The majority of content i like participating in is raiding and dungeons. I love doing group content with other capable players. During any normal cycle for me, that involves finding a solid guild and forming bonds with like minded players. That didn’t happen during Legion for whatever reason. That alone probably factored into my reduced play time as well as limited the content i consumed. I don’t think i ever raided this little in any previous expansion. In fact, i know for sure it was without a doubt the fewest dungeon runs i’ve ever done in my time playing WoW.

I told myself BFA would be different. I’d get back to what i enjoy. Unfortunately the sort of lackluster features included in BFA and well as the overall lessening of power, skill purging, and  dull replacement for systems have had me not hyped at all to be honest. I’ve never been this uninterested in an expansion, that just happens to be less than a month away, in my entire life! I’m trying to get pumped up, i really am, but i won’t make excuses in order to do so. There’s some good in there, i know there is, but it’s still early and i plan to give it my all again.

The first thing i did do was transfer back to my original server – my home on Stormrage. With the new War Mode feature, one that i actually like despite the negatives i keep reading about, there was no need to be on the really low population PVP server i was on for the last few years. To be honest, i missed my old server and some of the people i enjoyed playing with.

I’ve been leveling a few classes here and there but nowhere near ready on anything other than a plate class. Complete shocker there i know. I do plan on leveling and raiding with a ranged class this time but can’t decide between Hunter or Warlock yet. I do despise cast times but i’m actually leaning towards Warlock perhaps but Hunter is still a strong candidate.

My second plan and possibly the most important was to go through the classes i plan to play in BFA and update their transmogs. After all, dps is secondary to a great matching outfit! Not surprisingly, patch day defeated me and didn’t allow me to stay logged on for more than a few minutes at a time. When i was able to stay connected, i had a weird bug that froze my game any time i interacted with any transmog NPC. I’m sure this had something to do with an old outdated addon, but it still made me laugh.

I’m never one to get angry during any sort of patch/release day. I don’t expect to be able to play until i can! I’m still not certain what caused this issue for me but it seems to be fixed now so i look fabulous again. Although there still seems to be an issue with transmog sets switching over. I have a particular set for each spec i play and when i change specs my transmog doesn’t change with it. I’m sure this’ll be fixed unless i’m doing something wrong. I can’t imagine i am though.

Anyways, with no new content until next week, my only option once the server stability was resolved was to work on updating all my WeakAuras for BFA. Good thing for me this is yet something else i can and did spend hours working on and tweaking. I found a fantastic set for all three DK specs over on All credit goes to the author of course as all i had to do was alter sizes of certain panels/buttons and change the fonts to my own preference. I’m loving these sets so far for sure.

That’s pretty much been my week leading up to this Tuesdays new quest chain heading into BFA. I’m cautiously optimistic even though i don’t think i have a reason to be just yet. Hopefully everything goes well and i have a decent expansion to sink my teeth into once again. I do know it won’t be for a lack of trying this time. Time will tell as it always does. For the Alliance?!

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