Blaugust Reborn or: How i Stopped Posting and Learned to Love it Again

Oh what a time to return to blogging after a two year hiatus. After a relaxing few years away from having to maintain a blog and finding stuff to post about, i’ve returned just in time to drive myself to the point of madness in another attempt to survive Blaugust yet again. The first, last, and only time i participated in this evil event was in 2015. I honestly can’t believe it’s been three whole years since i survived posting for 31 straight days, but here we are! When i say survived, i’m talking by a razors edge skin of my teeth type of survival of course.

I had a plan back then that followed a format and theme for the entire month. Mixing together two of my passions and posting about MMORPG’s and 80’s movies made the month fly by. Well it made the first few weeks fly by at least. By that third week i was clawing for ideas and borrowing as much as i could from fellow bloggers while still keeping posts to my style. It’s actually amazing how many ideas i got just from reading through my blogroll daily. It certainly made everything easier for me and i’m sure for others as well. Funny how that happens.

Then Blaugust ended and something happened. My posting dropped to maybe once a week at most, sometimes less. I’ve never been and never will be someone that posts on a daily basis. There’s simply not enough happening in whatever game i’m playing worth sharing on such a frantic schedule. That was basically the bottom line for me. I like sharing what i’m doing in my games. I’ve never been one to make guides or go off on some rant about some opinion that i have about something. If i ever did decide to do that…oh boy. There’s enough crazy in my head for a thousand Blaugusts! I don’t enjoy sharing those so i chose not to. My blog basically died shortly after. Thanks a lot Belghast!

A lot has happened since my last Blaugust-

  • The Force Awakens resurrected Star Wars
  • Garrisons killed Warlords of Draenor
  • Heart of Thorns brought me back to GW2
  • Stranger Things made me want my old BMX
  • Legion brought me back to WoW
  • Legion made me leave WoW
  • Path of Fire brought mounts to GW2
  • The Last Jedi ruined Star Wars
  • I turned 40

Well would you look at that, a bunch of opinions thrown in with other stuff. Sometimes i can share if i really want to! I may even expand on some of those points if people are interested enough. The one item not on the list, the one that brought me back to blogging, is my blogroll. Despite not playing much or posting much, i kept reading other blogs and tried to stay up to date with what was going on in the MMO blogsphere. So many blogs motivated me to get back to not only playing again but posting about it as well. I can’t thank them enough and hope someone takes the same thing away as i did from all these great blogs and this community. It’s been great for me.

This time around i’ve decided to go with a new posting strategy. A plan so simple, yet so stupid, that my chances of completing all 31 days are either fantastic or nonexistent. I call this plan the “Fuck it, why not? What’s the worst that could happen?” plan. The thought behind this is that there’s no thought behind it! I tend to overthink everything and a lot of times that gets in the way of posting something. Should i bother posting this? Or, is this even worst discussing? I’m going to just say screw it and post whatever’s on my mind. God help you all.


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