Pre-Patch Poppycock

Burning of Tel

What is this? It can’t possibly be the lead up to an expansion only a few weeks away can it? By golly i think it is! I had to actually check online to make sure i wasn’t missing something or did something wrong because this couldn’t possibly be it. Unfortunately this is what Blizzard thought would be an acceptable patch heading into BFA. This feels so rushed and half assed, i can’t even imagine what they were thinking. We’re rabid fans, we’ll eat anything they give us of course. Well no thanks.

This is the beauty of my relationship with WoW. I have zero emotional ties to this game as well as very little history with it that keeps me hanging on when i know i shouldn’t. I do understand those that do, however, as i have friends that have been addicted since the game launched.  Even some of them are starting to question their loyalty at this point. I’m as underwhelmed as i can possibly be right now and i don’t see anything that can change that on the horizon. This is a bad place to be heading into an expansion. There should be something to look forward to. I don’t see it yet.


With the Legion pre-patch, we at least got an invasion that everyone could participate in. There was always something going on that i could bring my main to, or hell, all my alts as well. All my characters got involved in some way or another. This time around all we get are four daily world quests? I mean, really?! Now granted they’re a nice way to get a few upgrades if you haven’t played in a while like me. Well, that is unless the quest rewards decide to give you the middle finger while laughing at you and pulling your hair!

How does something like this happen? Three of the four world quest rewards are the exact same item. This is the kind of stuff that makes me log in for a minute to check quests and then log out instead of doing something to further my factions cause. That’s exactly what i’ve done. I think i’ve maybe completed these quests on two of my characters at most. This is not acceptable as far a way to get players excited for an expansion. Keen had a much better idea and i agree with all his points.

Darkshore World Quests

On a positive note, i did get a new mount out of it and i got to see a giant tree burn. Although one of those, or even both for that matter, feel like another big letdown at this point. It’s like they knew, and believe me they know, this was a boring pre-patch so let’s give everyone a shiny new mount to forget about it. Well i’m not going to do that. I’m just monumentally disappointed in Blizzard right now.

Teldrassil Hippogryph

Perhaps this was the plan all along and i’m just not getting it. Maybe they’re trying to subvert expectations by making everything suck or by taking a left when everyone expects a right. That strategy didn’t work for The Last Jedi and it doesn’t work here i’m afraid. I think Blizz has a problem on their hands. They threw all their eggs in the Legion basket and they have nothing left in the tank going into BFA. I hope i’m wrong, i really do. Someone tell me i’m wrong. Tell me i’m an idiot even. Tell me something to get me excited!

Burning of Tel


  • You’re not alone. I’ve had deep misgivings about BfA for a while, ever since getting into the beta I had this feeling that this expansion is just there for the hell of it, not because they have a decent story to tell.

    7.3.5 onwards it’s felt really ominous. I’ve had surgery that was more fun than levelling nowadays. I’ve given up leveling alts because I’m burning out and mentally preparing to quit the game for good.

    The island war scenario things hit me as ploddy, ground-poundy “There’s your pet grind for the expansion” things. And they are really bland!

    I’m giving them 2 weeks into the expansion then my subs expire. Unless they fix the leveling grind and the story is one hell of a lot better in BfA than it seems from the beta (I’ve been in beta since January) I’ll probably leave for good. Legion was great but this is now so uninspired.

    If Legion was a medium-rare steak, BfA is a cold McDonalds left forgotten on the side.

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