Siege My Pants Off

The Siege of Lordaeron pre-patch event is what i’ve been waiting for this entire time. This is what i wanted the last month or so to consist of leading up to Battle for Azeroth. I mean it’s in the damn title of the expansion so i assumed we’d be doing just that. I think Blizzard missed a fantastic opportunity to make the last few weeks seem a lot more epic, violent, and dramatic. After all, war is hell right?

The Siege of Lordaeron

I love large scale scenarios and instances like this but what if the battle was taken out into the actual game world? I get that people love these cinematics for story telling purposes but we could still have them and have more open world content at the same time. Seeing my server and faction rally together to defend or even capture strategic strongholds would have been amazing to see and participate in.

The Siege of Lordaeron

What if there were sieges all over the game world going on simultaneously where we could either help defend or assist in attacking? Think of it like the World vs. World aspect from GW2 but in PVE form. Hell, the players that flag for PVP could destroy each other as well and add another interesting aspect. I think that would have added a layer of urgency missing so far in my opinion. Possibly build up some more animosity, if there wasn’t enough already haha. More is always better!

The Siege of Lordaeron

Imagine logging in and actually capturing a major city from the opposite faction. Now i realize there would have to be some rules put in place to prevent total takeover and i’m not sure how this would work with all the cross realm stuff going on but i’d be willing to put up with all that just to have the opportunity. If anyone could figure that out it would be Blizzard right? Well come one then, give me more sieges, more things to do as a faction, and just more of everything.

The Siege of Lordaeron


  • Siege battles are fun. Happens all the time in ESO in Cyrodil – separate from the PvE action. Wasn’t there a BG at one time that involved defending or attacking a fortress? Anyways would be fun to have a siege event at a random city maybe 1x every 24hrs. Maybe have to instance it though. Sounds like good times.


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