Information Overload

Information Overload

I’m someone that values information. I try and do as much research as possible about as much as i can before i try something new. I like being an informed consumer. I typically know more about an item or a service than the person who’s job it is to sell that something to me. This system isn’t without its faults but it’s worked out for me more times than not. You would think i’d also be someone that loves all the info floating around before a new MMORPG or an expansion for one releases. Well you’d be completely and totally incorrect.

Information Overload

I actually loath where we are right now as far as spoilers go for MMORPG’s. I’m someone that enjoys logging in on release day without knowledge of the best path to do every aspect of the game before i even play it. I like it when everyone is on the same level and we have to go and figure stuff out on a live game. Every question isn’t already answered on some fan site or forum somewhere. I think it makes the game more interesting and certainly lengthens the gameplay process by a considerable amount.

Here’s where someone tells me i can still enjoy myself by not doing any research and staying away from forums. I can do exactly what i’m talking about right now without altering what someone else might enjoy. The truth is that they’d be right of course. I could do all those things, but we both know it’s just not the same. There’s no blank slate, no new grandeur, unless everyone plays by the same rules. I understand the drawbacks to this but i think the good would far outweigh the bad.

Information Overload

I fully understand that testing still needs to be done but i believe it needs to be toned down significantly as far as the public is concerned. Keep as much internal as possible to avoid information overload. I don’t think we should know every damn thing there is to know before the game even launches. I don’t think there should be an option to get burnt out on playing a beta before the game even launches. That’s just silly to me. I’d much prefer a “here are the features and this is when it’s releasing” and be done with it approach.

Half of the people i play with are currently cursing me out and calling me an idiot for feeling the way i do about this topic but that’s alright by me. I’m very passionate about this subject and have been for some time. I miss the wonder and amazement of logging into a new expansion completely blind. Trying to figure out zones, classes, and mechanics at the same time as everyone else. Call me crazy or old fashioned but i liked it when we all knew a whole lot less than we do now. I don’t think this is an example of ignorance is bliss. Or perhaps i am an idiot?! Tune in tomorrow to find out.

Information Overload


  • I enjoy the feeling of novel discovery too. After having had the chance to observe quite a number of other people play games, I think the conflict arises because not a small number of them crave clarity of purpose and direction. They need to know why am I doing this, what should I be aiming for, and what exactly do I do now to get to the goal? Without it, they feel literally cast adrift, the floor under their feet is shaky, they get frustrated and anxious.

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    • I like being lost and adrift and figuring stuff out by failing over and over. Newer players and probably younger ones see this as a waste of time.


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