Pics, or It Didn’t Happen

We’re just a few days away from another WoW expansion so i started looking through my screenshot folder as a motivational tool to get me excited for not only the game but for posting. That’s generally how i work out my posts actually. I’m a visual person so i see the story in a capture and i find the words later. I think it’s why i’m drawn to blogs with lots of images. The little things interest me like what content someone is doing or even little UI elements in certain places i may never have thought of trying.

Sometimes i don’t have words and the screenshot does the talking for me. That’s what i tell myself anyways when i run out of ideas. Hell sometimes i start posting and have no idea where the story is going but it eventually gets there. What i’m saying is, screenshot posts are perfectly fine. Let someone else fill in your words for you if you can’t find them yourself.. I’m sure we all have vivid imaginations and can piece together our own interpretations. At least i know i can on a disturbing level.

Now if all else fails and you don’t have words or evan an idea for a screenshot, i have the solution. I call it the “moonshot” and it has never failed me to this day. It may sound a bit corny but trust me, it gets the job done and then some. The secret is to get the moon in the background and your character somewhere in front of it. You don’t even need anything other than the moon to be in it if you don’t want. It’s all up to you! Now here’s the trick – you never want to post more than one moonshot in any post. That just screams “i’m out of ideas” and everyone will know it.

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