Oh Yeah, Whoops!

You know you’re super excited and pumped for an expansion when you don’t even realize it launched! I got home from work and loaded up my launcher just to update my addons and whatever else i needed in preparation for BFA. Then what do i see but the expansion is now live. For some reason i assumed it was launching on Tuesday like it always does. I was not expecting or prepared to play tonight but lets get it on.

Only, i decided to transfer back to Stormrage after a few years on Korgath with some friends. That was a low population server and as i’m sure everyone knows, Stormrage is not! The last time i checked it was the highest population Alliance PVE server. According to Realmpop it still is i guess. I’m not sure how accurate this site is but that’s a fair amount of players or characters, however they count it. I should have known better i suppose but i was anxious to get home.

Maybe i’ll get to log in tonight and maybe i won’t, but either way is fine honestly. I wasn’t very excited to begin this expansion before today. Now that it’s here and i can’t log in, i obviously want it more. Funny how that works. I’m on to you Blizzard. I know how your mind works.


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