Hurray BFA

I was finally able to log in to WoW tonight after a horrible launch day of queues and disconnects. I guess Blizzard fixed something because i had no issues getting on at all, which surprised me. I usually expect to not be able to get on so i don’t really fuss over it. I sit in my digital line and i wait my turn without much thought. Would i like to be able to play right away? Of course i would, but i chose my server knowing full well that probably wasn’t going to happen.

The first decision i made, that i was mulling over, was which class to level up first. Well i decided, probably stubbornly, to stick with my DK for now. Nothing really swung me one way or another other than it being what i always ring in new expansion on, Boring old tradition i suppose but it works for me so i’m going to ride this out for a bit and see where it takes me. Hopefully not back in any queue at least, haha.

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