There Be Pirates

Tiragarde Sound

It’s day three of BFA and i’m almost halfway to level 111! You read that correctly, i haven’t gotten very far as of yet. My first night i didn’t even realize the expansion launched and got stuck in queue the entire evening. The second night was very laggy on my end and to be honest i lost interest in even attempting to play. Now tonight, the third night, i’ve managed to make a little progress, though i’m still suffering from lag and disconnects for some reason.

Tiragarde Sound

I decided to start my adventure in Tiragarde Sound for absolutely lazy reasons! It’s the zone the city is in of course so all i had to do was wander outside the gates. Actually, i picked it for super strategery reasons that would take too much time to explain. Yeah that’s it. Lets go with that! I thought i’d take a boat ride around town to give the area an ocular patdown. See what’s what and get a sense of my surroundings. I actually really like this zone so far and of course the pirate theme helps a ton. I mean who doesn’t like pirates? Other than Captain Phillips >.>

Tiragarde Sound

While running and gunning at random pirates that obviously did something wrong to incur my wrath, i kept stopping to admire the scenery. Despite the zone, or what i’ve seen so far, being very gloomy and brown, i still think it looks pretty amazing. I can’t seem to stop staring at the sky, for one. I also really like the architecture of the city and random building strewn about the countryside. It really is gorgeous and not having to see green felflame everywhere certainly helps.

Tiragarde Sound

I’m hoping to slaughter some more pirates and crabs if i can stay connected. For now i’m just taking my sweet time and enjoying the view. Playing as Blood really makes gathering as many mobs as possible and aoe’ing them down so super easy. I’m glad i stuck with DK for now but i’ll see how that goes as i get higher levels. First things first and i have to reach 111 before that! Man i’m so slow!

Tiragarde Sound

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