Fear the Reaper

GW2 Reaper

I’ve been playing more and more GW2 lately and i’m not really sure why. Could it be that i’m actually enjoying it a lot more than BfA? I tried to convince myself that wasn’t the case earlier in the week but i got to a point where i was hoping my log in queue wouldn’t expire so i could keep playing Path of Fire. This is really unlike me as i prefer WoW mechanics much more than GW2 but i just couldn’t force myself to log in to Azeroth. I have zero emotional ties to WoW and really no old memories that might have otherwise kept me going. I think it was just time for me to move on.

GW2 Reaper

Prior to BfA’s launch i used one of my free boosts to level myself a Necromancer. This again isn’t like me at all. I tend to play heavy plate classes, followed by medium chain or leather. Light cloth classes tend to be on the bottom of my preferred list, sometimes not even getting played. Actually they almost never get played unless they’re so unbelievably better than anything else that my guild asks me to play one. This is rare but it has happened in the past.

GW2 Reaper

I think the reason i shy away from certain classes has more to do with play style and weapon choices more so than the armor they wear. Well Reaper allows me to play my preferred melee play style with a giant greatsword. Those two aspects are pretty much my jam so i knew i’d enjoy it, but i didn’t know just how much. It’s actually surprised the hell out of me just how much and i’ve been slapping myself for not trying one earlier. I think it’s the closest thing in GW2 to a DK for me so it totally makes sense as to why i’m enjoying playing one so much.

GW2 Reaper

The build i’ve been using and wrecking stuff with is the minion master setup. I’m so not a fan of pets, like at all, but having six of them constantly healing me and sometimes tanking for me makes everything so much fun. I tend to pull entire zones and not worry about dying on my DK, and while i can’t really do that here, it does allow me to make more mistakes than i could with say my Thief. I still end up making a lot when i attempt to see how many mobs i actually can pull. Spoilers – it’s always less than what i end up pulling. That’s the fun though isn’t it? Being right on the edge of stupid. Hah, that should be my new tagline.

GW2 Reaper

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