Giga What!

I couldn’t wait to get home from work today. My cable company signed a new contract with my development which meant speed upgrades! My options have been limited for a while as far as speeds went. I think i was rocking a massive 10 down 1 up connection since i could remember. Now they gave me the option to upgrade to a gig and of course i went for it. I’d be crazy not to for basically the same price i was paying before. Yeah the south east sucks in that regard but i’m sure it’s the same everywhere. I cut the cord but i still need my broadband!

Well now my connection is insanely fast and i don’t even know what to do with it! Perhaps it’s time to resurrect my youtube channel and upload a bunch of gameplay videos. That used to take me all night while i slept but now it’s should rocket by in no time. Even better, maybe i’ll start my twitch stream again. I’ve never really been one to put on a show as i’ve always been about the game first, so i doubt i’d be interesting enough to watch. It’s nice to know if i want to now i can. Although i’m no partner so i doubt i could even stream at insane settings anyway. No one would probably be able to watch. Either way i have more options now and it’s exciting. Hurray speed!


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