Long Way To Go

GW2 Masteries

I’m a little overwhelmed thinking about just how much there is to do for me in GW2 right now. It’s almost to the point of not knowing where to start or overthinking about where to start first. I know i should just jump in and start on one aspect and see where that takes me but sometimes i want to be too efficient for my own good. I think i’m going to go with the Jack Burton method and just say fuck it and do whatever i feel like at that moment. It’s nice having options where i can even do that.

Warrior Gear

One aspect i don’t really have to worry about is ascended gear. Well that’s not really completely true depending on what i want to play. I finished off my heavy set a few years back which i can use on my Guardian, Revenant, and Warrior. Those are pretty much the classes i’ve been playing since retiring my Thief prior to the last expansion. I am enjoying Reaper right now which requires light armor so i’ll have to get working on that set now. That means actually leveling a Tailor which i don’t happen to have unfortunately. This is going to get expensive.

GW2 Masteries

My mastery rank is something else i’m always constantly working on while doing other stuff. It’s been slowly climbing since PoF released. It’s not exactly halfway to the current cap yet but it’s over 100 so that makes me happy. I really need to get that damn poison lore mastery in HoT so i can grab a few more insights that i’m currently unable to get as well as hero challenges. Not having map completion because i’m missing those has been driving me crazy for a while now. I’m pretty close to checking that last box off so i’m excited about that.

GW2 Map Completion

Speaking of map completion – i am so far behind on my warrior that it’s not even funny. I enjoyed finishing this off on my Thief and Revenant due to all the movement speed they had but it should go a lot quicker now that i can use mounts. I just need to spend a quiet Sunday afternoon running around the game world and checking off as many of these as i can. They should go pretty fast compared to having to do them on all on foot prior to PoF. The only question is whether i do this on my Warrior or my new Necro. I haven’t decided that yet. That may be the first decision i have to make before anything else. It should be fun but i have a long way to go.


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